"Won't You Wait For Love?" in Polite Society (Apr 2023) 

My solo piano jazz piece, “Won't You Wait For Love?”, was picked up for use in Nida Manzoor's new film, Polite Society!

The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2023, and so far, critics and viewers are raving about its unique blending of genres. It's also a British comedy film, which I'm really excited about. British comedy has always held a special spot in my heart. Very excited to see this one at the Belcourt Theater!

Big thanks to Tanvi Patel at Crucial Music for slingin my jazz music around Hollywood like a boss!!



Here's a video of this recording: Won't You Wait For Love? (Solo piano)


And here's a full trio rendition of it I released as part of my jazz album last year: Won't You Wait For Love? (jazz trio)

"Il Capo" used in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Feb 2023) 

Austin Filingo and I wrote an album for Atomica Music in 2021, featuring accordion, guitar, piano, and various other instruments we played ourselves--we had one Italian-styled song that didn't quite fit into the jazzy-styled album, but publisher Bob Mair felt compelled to sign this piece individually with his powerhouse catalog, Black Toast Music.

Two years later, now, the two of us are boggled to learn that this piece, “Il Capo”, was used as source music in the theatrical release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania this opening weekend. Our music has a small part to play in a blockbuster film that is playing in thousands of theaters, large and small, in nearly every country in the world! 

Though it's unlikely to be noticed by most viewers, it is an astoundingly cool placement for music that Austin and I had a blast making in 2021. Who knows what's next from here?

You can listen to “Il Capo” here, on my Soundcloud.

Thank you to superstar Bob for landing us an absolute wrecking ball of music synchronization!

Find out where Antman 3 is playing near you! It's probably everywhere!

"Happy On My Own" featured in Hallmark's "Pumpkin Everything" (Fall 2022) 

Kyle Cox and I have been writing songs together for about a year now. Our first released song, “Happy On My Own”, was recently used as the opening cue, and again towards the end of the film as an instrumental cue, in the new Hallmark fall feature, Pumpkin Everything

We were thrilled to hear of its use just a couple of days before airing! Kyle's earthy baritone voice turned out to be a solid fit to set the tone of this romantic comedy-drama. Thank you Lexy Brewer for selecting our song for such a rad spot!

Find out where to watch Pumpkin Everything on Hallmark's website. 


Multidisciplinary musician Will Padgett challenges the adage of "a jack of all trades can be master of none." Originally a classical composer and pianist, Will's fascination with contemporary styles, instruments and techniques, rooted in a passion for sound, have led to him sharing the stage with an eclectic variety of today's most talented performers. His playing can also be heard in iconic keyboard parts for a variety of today's eminent bands, songwriters, and composers.

Equally comfortable as a bandleader and as a supporting player, Will is a natural choice for artists and ensembles with a professional attitude looking to stand out musically. His style is a coalescence of the harmonies of jazz, the rhythms of rock and soul, and the sing-song melodies of his hometown's country music heritage.